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August 15, 2011

Whew!  It’s been a busy summer!

It started off with a wedding…an amazing wedding!  My beautiful sister in law got married!  Sadly, Joel and I both had the flu, but we still managed to have a good time 🙂  Ava and Em were the flower girls and had so much fun in their poofy dresses.

At the rehearsal:

See, she’s beautiful!


              Drinking their big girl drinks post

flower girl duties…nothing like a

Shirley Temple to bribe little girls

to behave!






Joel and I before the ceremony:

Birthday for me!  Voodoo Donuts in um, interesting shapes, from my BFF:

Despite a very mild summer here in Seattle, we’ve had a few days of sun here and there…time for ice cream!  And yes, that second front tooth fell out too!

Mama got a new sewing machine a few months ago and it’s been getting quite the workout.  I took an old t-shirt and sewed it to a little skirt and sash for Em:

And made both girls these outfits (Ava by Mod Kids…can you guess who picked it out?  And the doll sized one, too!):

someone turned FOUR:

we picked some blueberries:

made LOTS of jam!

look!  more sewing!  Mama can never have enough aprons…

And on top of all that…we ditched the kidlets in Portland for a week and had a grown ups-only staycation (sorry, um…no pictures of that 😉 ).

Only a few weeks until school/soccer/Girl Scouts/fantasy football starts up again!

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