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meal plan monday

June 20, 2011

Another week where I feel like a cheater even posting this.  We won’t be home for 3 days this week (although, this is the last weekend we are traveling for a long, long time!), and I’ve got a lot of leftovers in the fridge.
June 20 – June 26
Breakfast: eggs, toast, fruit
Lunch: grilled cheese, tomato soup, salad
Dinner: veggie and chicken stir fry, brown rice

Breakfast: cherry chai granola, yogurt, fruit
Lunch: sandwiches, salad
Dinner: roasted beet salad with watercress, lentils, soprasseta, and goat cheese

Breakfast: oatmeal, fruit
Lunch: out
Dinner: summer vegetable and bean soup, homemade bread

Breakfast: eggs, toast, fruit
Lunch: sandwiches, fruit, veggies
Dinner: honey mustard chicken thighs, baked tomatoes, garlic roasted green beans

Breakfast: oatmeal, fruit
Lunch: on the road
Dinner: out

Breakfast: out
Lunch: out
Dinner: out

Breakfast: out
Lunch: out
Dinner on the road

Peasant bread

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