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April 12, 2011

Someone has a birthday this week.  Hint: that someone is turning SIX.

Said soon-to-be-six-year-old has been BEGGING for a Hello Kitty themed party for almost 6 months.  Despite her recent rash of teenage -esque moodiness and mouthiness, I gave in.  Or rather, my crafty side gave in.  The Cricut did most of the work!

This garland was completely done with the Cricut (George Basic Shapes and Letters).  I just hot glued the circles to a ribbon and hung it up…easy peasy!

I used some Hello Kitty stickers (hurrah for a Sanrio store close by!) to embellish the cupcake tags.  Ava glued them onto the toothpicks.  Easy and cute.

I’ve had the cupcake tree for a few years…the kids always love it!

Tissue paper flowers – found in my handy Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts.  Such an easy thing to make and they were so fun.  Now that the party is over, I think I’ll hang these in a cluster in a corner of the girls’ room.  Ava helped me make these as well.

I also used a few on the tables – here’s one on the food display.  I just put it on a cake pedestal and it looked pretty fluffy 🙂

The cake pops went into the goody bags – these were fun to make and really not that complicated.  They just took time to dry in between stages.  Tutorial here.  I love Bakerella, but I’m convinced that she Photoshops her edible marker stuff – I used the same brands as her and my marker did NOT like the candy melts.  Oh well, they turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself, and the kids loved them.

I wish I could take credit for making these, but I can’t – my crafty hubby actually made these!  I told him that I wanted to do a bean bag toss game with the kids, so I gave him the stencil, felt, and beans, and he went to town.  He used the sandwich cutter that I bought for these:

Ava requested cream cheese and jam sandwiches…I dusted the stencil with cocoa powder just like the packaging suggested (I think…Japanese is not exactly one of my fluent languages!).  They turned out so cute!

Ava and I also made these little origami candy dishes (directions also found in Martha’s Encyclopedia, but I think they can be found online if you search correctly).  I’d made these for a baby shower previously and Ava remembered them and asked for them.  The paper game from the 100 Yen store (which made the pack of 80 pieces about $1.50…love that place!).

Finally, I found this really cute free subway art printable at eighteen25.  I had it printed at Costco in an 8×10.  Ava said that this was her favorite decoration and asked that we use it every year during her birthday week 🙂

The party was noisy, but so much fun!  I had a lot of fun doing all of the crafting for it with the birthday girl, too.  She’s really become my favorite crafting buddy and I hope that next year’s party theme will bring just as much fun time together for the two of us.  Stay tuned for birthday celebration #2 and #3 (because in our family, we believe in a birthday month)!

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  1. April 12, 2011 2:32 am

    Awesome job Al! I love it!!! I’ve seen the little cake pops around blogland… yours turned out great! I wondered how difficult those would be to make. 🙂

    Come share this post at my For the Kids link party!!!

  2. April 12, 2011 12:07 pm

    WOW. You are TOTALLY hired. I love all of it! Happy birthday to Ava!!!!

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