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random Thursday ramblings

March 3, 2011

a few things I just had to share:

I *puffy heart* Pandora.  We are especially digging our Laurie Berkner station this morning…Elizabeth Mitchell‘s “This Little Light of Mine” inspired quite the pesky concert.

I need to pick up some beeswax so that the girls and I can get through a few of the ideas in this awesome mini-magazine.  Winter means lots of play dates are being canceled which does not bode well for two crazy active peskies.

If you have a Tex-Mex lover in your house, make these tonight.  I healthied mine up by using fat free plain greek yogurt (Trader Joe’s has the most protein per serving that I’ve found) and not frying my tortillas.  Nom nom nom.

I admit, I might be having a little too much fun assembling the supplies to make these as party favors for the biggest upcoming birthday.  Craft supplies in miniature?  In a jar?  Cute!  I kind of feel like mason jars are going to be the next Put A Bird on It.

Speaking of, if you don’t already, you simply must watch Portlandia.  It’s so spot on with spoofing Portland that it’s scary.

I’m rather scared to begin my first non-beginner knitting project…eek!

And finally, I know that I’ve posted this before, but I think these are so good that it needs repeating: make these cookies RIGHT NOW.  Yum.

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