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the great hot chocolate crawl of 2011

February 17, 2011

I won’t bore you with tales of a family all sick with the crud at the same time and suffering from massive cabin fever.  Oh no…no one wants to read about that!

Instead, I will regale you with tales of the most ingenious idea ever.  Sadly, it wasn’t mine.  I completely stole it from the lovely Tara of Tea & Cookies.  If you’re not familiar with Tara’s blog and you are a lover of all things food or Seattle, get to reading it!  Tara posted this last week and I just had to do it!  We were already planning on being in the area for the Harry Potter exhibit (no pictures allowed!  Boo!  But it as AWESOME and you should definitely check it out if it comes to your city!).  So when we were through, we strolled down to Pike Place Market to begin our crawl.  The kids did surprisingly well and we discovered a few new fun places (here, here, and here, to start with).

We started at The Chocolate Box, which sells gourmet chocolates from the PNW.  We had both the regular and the European chocolates…yum!  I liked the European best because it was thick and creamy, but both were a little on the sweet side. 

I liked that you could get “mix ins” in your hot chocolate…flavorings, marshmallows, chocolate chunks…yum!

Next, we went to Fran’s Chocolates at the Four Seasons Hotel.  This took the hot chocolate to a whole new level.  The girls loved that it came in a cafe au lait cup with a separate bowl of whipped cream (and it was really, really good whipped cream!).  I liked that it wasn’t as sweet and that you could buy the mix and take it home with you to make lots and lots more hot chocolate…

ooooh…I just remembered that these are still in my purse…

This poster was super cool…a portrait made of truffles!

crappy cell phone picture…

Our next stop was Le Pichet, which was PACKED at lunchtime on a blustery Saturday morning.  Sadly, we had already eaten lunch, but I forced myself to split the quiche of the day with Joel and it was divine…we are definitely going to have to return for a proper meal.  I loved that the tables are covered with chalkboard paint and that the girls were entertained while we waited for their dessert hot chocolate to be ready.  It was so worth the wait.  It was almost as thick as pots de creme, but just liquidy enough to sip.  I admit, I kind of hoarded it all to myself.  And the bowl of whipped cream that came with it was even better than the last.  I mean really, how can one improve on whipped cream?  It’s cream and air!  But this was like the cream you get in England to go on your scones.  Deeelish.

the “regular” hot chocolate

the dessert hot chocolate

with cream…heaven!

We didn’t make it to the Pink Door for the last stop, but we have plans to go back this coming weekend for lunch.  Besides, 3 decadent cups of hot chocolate plus half of a wedge of quiche in puff pastry…that’s my weekly caloric intake for sure!  Now we’re deciding what to “crawl” for next so that we can discover some fun new places and things to do here in lovely Seattle.  Hot dogs?  Donuts?  Erm…salads?

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  1. February 17, 2011 1:15 am

    Wow. What a decadent idea. Looks absolutely awesome.

  2. Tyson permalink
    February 17, 2011 1:19 pm

    FUN! Everyone here would love doing something like that!

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