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Great Wolf

December 23, 2010

We made the trip to Great Wolf Lodge again this year…it was so much fun!  The girls got to meet up with their best buddies from Portland, and we all got to play in the water park and eat lots and lots and lots of cookies.

Meeting Santa and Mrs. Claus before story time


It snowed in the lobby and Emily thought that was the coolest thing ever.


taking a break in between water slides!


sending Santa a last minute letter to ask for another trip to Great Wolf Lodge for next year 🙂


The girls got to decorate cookies…Em of course just dumped her sprinkles on in a big pile.


Ava made patterns and made sure everything was well balanced.


One of our favorite things at GWL is the MagiQuest, and we had fun solving all of the riddles again this time!


I’m a little sad that the flash made Em mad…this was going to be the cutest picture of all time!  They were sleeping peacefully but I had to go and disturb them…bad mama.


Sister loves before another day of water slides and wave pool fun.


Emily decided that she was a “kissy fish” and kept kissing everyone 🙂


Waiting for their turn on the lily pads.


When should we come back to Great Wolf Lodge, girls?  “TOMORROW!”

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