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December 23, 2010

We’ve been having fun getting ready for Christmas around here…finding a new place to chop down our tree, creating cookie recipes for exchanges with friends, crafting parties, watching The Grinch and Charlie Brown Christmas over and over, and working out my poor little sewing machine and Cricut like they’ve never been worked before.  I’ll take some pictures of the handmade goodies a bit later (Because, ahem, I have yet to wrap anything).

standing in line to see Santa at Bellevue Square


loved this sign for the treats that Santa passed out to the kids!


Joel had a little too much fun chopping down our tree…


the girls decorated the pink tree I got last year for $2 (and it came with ornaments!)


We decorated the big tree too, of course.


I had fun making these chocolate thumbprints and filling them with salted butter caramel for a cookie exchange.


candy all ready to be put on our gingerbread house


Almost done with the stockings…just need to put the names on!


the girls had fun gingerbreading 🙂


Apparently a family of marshmallow men live here.  The dad makes furniture and the mom likes to bake.  They have 6 kids and all share this little house.  Ava says that we can’t see them, but there’s a tree house for the kids in the back tree.



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