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December 8, 2010

OK, so it’s not technically winter yet, but it sure does feel like it!

I realized that I never posted our December Activity list for this year, but I know that several of you have asked how we do them so here you go:

I got this jar a few years ago (I think at Target on the after Christmas clearance), and it’s our official December Activity Jar.  Every year at the end of November, we all sit down and think of fun things to do, one for each day of the month.  I try to keep them from being explicitly Hanukkah or Christmas things – just fun things with a winter theme.  I do a big craft store run to make sure we have lots of supplies, but mostly these are simple things to do as a family.  I repeat several of them to stretch it out.

I lost my complete list, but it includes things like make a snowman craft, drink hot chocolate,family game night, drive around the neighborhood to look at all of the lights, read a story about winter, bake cookies…that kind of thing.

Every day, Ava or Emily picks one thing from the jar – today was make sparkle play dough.

I used this recipe and added a few teaspoons of glitter, then got out some basic supplies (mini craft sticks, google eyes, buttons, beads) and then the girls made their snowmen.

“No, mah-mee!  Iss a snow GOHRL!”



Ava is in a fairy stage so she made a snow fairy:

Emily’s snow girl quickly turned into a snow blob…

I really liked how Ava made the crown – she stuck a few sequins in sideways.

I can’t wait to pull these sweet snow people out year after year!

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