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number 2

October 21, 2010

She’s definitely the crazy.  As in, certifiable.

She thinks her daddy is a jungle gym.

“Mommy!  I can have cookie?  Okayeeeeeee?  Puhleeeeeeeeeeeeese?”

Haha, Em.  You’re a funny girl.

“No Mommy, me not so funny!  You funny!”

Really?  I think you’re pretty funny.

“Me make dis funny face!  Me look like goofy goofy bawl, okayeeeeeeeeeeee?”

That’s a pretty funny face.

“Mommy!  I make dis funny face you give me dat cookie, okayeeeeeeeeeeeeee?  Right now.”

I didn’t hear you ask me nicely.

“Mommy!  I make dis funny face foh you okayeeeeeeeeeeee?”

Em, we don’t have cookies.

“HUMPH.”  *crosses her arms and turns away*

Don’t you just want to give those a squeeze for good luck?

Thanks, Emily, for making me laugh constantly.  Well, in between those times when you make me want to pull my hair out and drink heavily…

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