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look! in the sky!

August 16, 2010

Or, when the papa bear got really, really fired up.

The weekend we had Emily’s birthday party (pictures to come), my mom stayed over night and we went to the Museum of Flight, which was so much fun! The exhibits were really interesting and it was wonderful for kids.

The kids got to sit in some cockpits, and we got to explore a Concorde and one of the Air Force One planes from the 1960s (as Joel said of the loo, “Kennedy pooped there!” Yep.) The red phone was pretty cool, but was behind plexiglass, which meant no pictures.

Don’t worry – we took plenty of pictures of everything else!

Part of the main exhibition hall:

one of the many planes outside of the front door:

little astronauts:

does this plane look familiar to anyone? (hint: “permission to fly by the tower”)

inside the Red Barn, or where the original Boeing offices were (and with a super cool engine):

the nose of the Concorde:

the girls running down the $10 mil. bridge:

inside a fighter jet:

working model of the Kitty Hawk:

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