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firecracker firecracker boom boom boom!

July 6, 2010

Happy (belated) Fourth!

We weren’t sure what the day would bring, being that we don’t really know too many people here, but we were saved by Joel’s boss, who invited us to his house for a pool party and BBQ. It was so fun! I forgot to bring the camera, but Joel’s boss’s wife assures me that she’ll be sending some blackmail fodder soon (the guys all took turns trying to dive through kiddie floaties off of the diving board!).

After the BBQ wrapped up, we came home and set off some fireworks. Thankfully, we’re in a part of the county where we actually can set them off – most of this county has completely banned ALL fireworks. So, we treated our neighbors to some pretty lights and loud booms 🙂

the pyro at work:

Emily LOVED the sparklers!

Ava got brave and went for two at a time:

We all snuggled under a pile of blankets on the front porch…it was FREEZING!

We found a stash of little fountains leftover from last year – yeah!

Seriously – it was COLD. Uggs and July just don’t go together.

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