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the very big, very long catch up post!

July 1, 2010

The last 12 days have been insane! Here’s just a few of the things we’ve been up to (ya know, besides packing…):

Hosting our friends for a stationary making party so we are all stocked with cards to keep in touch:

Enjoying the view at Washington Park:

Stopping to smell the roses at the Rose Garden:

Having an awesome play date with our cousins:

Making our summer to do list:

Driving by the first apartment that Joel and I lived in (ahem) before we were married:

And the pub we went to on our first date:

Eating sweets at our favorite dessert spot:

(where, our odd child opted for candy instead of beautiful pastries…someone is obviously spoiled by my baking…)

Played at our favorite park with some of my oldest friends and their kids:

Said a lot of hard goodbyes…these are Ava and Em’s best friends. Their mom is one of my best friends and there were a whole lot of tears when we left:

Things we learned: Moving yourself is fine when there are only one of two of you. After that…get movers and a bigger truck. We left some things behind that we’ll have to get in a few weeks. Lesson learned! (right, honey?)

Saying goodbye to our first home. The house we brought our babies home to, and the house we became a family in. The hardest part for me was not having any time to clean the inside before we left…weird, huh? We just packed up the truck and took off…oh well, that’s what house cleaners are for, right?!

Getting excited about the new Leapster games we bought especially for the drive to our new house:

Taking our first bath!

I promise to post some pictures of the house as soon as we’re all unpacked…which actually should be by the end of the weekend! So far, we’re really loving living here and we’ve already met some great people. We had a lot of help from friends and family in terms of packing and unpacking and getting the old house ready to sell – so THANK YOU!!!

Joel and I both celebrated birthdays the week we moved so we’ve decided to wait until later this month to celebrate…so pictures to come!

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