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September 25, 2009

concentration is the name of the game

This has been a crazy week!

The girls started the week off with a lovely head cold (that they oh so nicely shared with Mama). Of course they got better right when I got the stuffies. Then came the play dates, baking day (where I ran out of eggs, thanks to pesky two year old and was SAVED by my friend Taegan. She has chickens.). Have I mentioned how much I want some chickens?? Joel and I will have been together 10 years in November…what is more romantic than some fuzzy chicks and an ark to put them in for my gift?? But I digress…where was I? Oh yes, baking day. Once again, I made Amish White Bread. Holy moly, this is good stuff. Soft, with a firm crust, a touch of sweetness, and the dough is a dream. I confess that I kneaded it by hand because it was so fun. Plus, pesky 4 year old had an incident at the gym daycare and I needed to finish my workout somehow.

Speaking of pesky 4 year old…she’s back to her old tricks: awake before 5. This does not bode well for Daddy’s upcoming business trip. Let’s all pray to the gods that she kicks the habit over the weekend. Because really…4:30 is not in the morning. It’s the freaking middle of the night. Particularly when your REM sleep began after midnight.

Besides being pesky, the 4 year old has been tons of fun this week. For school, we learned about people in the community (remember the old Sesame Street song???). This tied in to our newest lapbook, which is based on the book and movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Did you read this book as a kid or to your kid? I can’t believe that Joel had never heard of it! Can’t wait to take her to see it this weekend. The movie looks quite different from the book, but still looks fun. Of course, she only gets to see it if she stays in her room until at least 6:30. Wish me luck. She also learned about the days of the week at her preschool co-op. Her homework is a booklet with a page for each day where she needs to write a picture of what we do each day of the week. Mama: “Well, Aves, what do we do on Sunday?” Ava: “We watch football!” Yep, she drew a picture of Mama and Daddy parked on the couch, mini crock pot in front of us, beer next to us. Niiiiiiiiiiiice. And true, very true. Emily has also done some homeschooling – we’ve been focusing on apples and farms, which has been a lot of fun! The girls have made some apple themed art and we’ve been talking about farmers and what they do (and Emily has been making some seriously cute farm animal sounds. Her MOO rocks!).

Shamless cute topless baby photo:

I promise…that wine bottle was NOT open during school hours! Only right after…

While Ava has been in school, Emily and I have taken advantage of the two year old story time at the local library…it’s so fun! She loves story time! They do a few free crafts afterward, which only sweetens the deal for her. I love having time with just Emily. She’s such a different kid than Ava and its fun to see her be herself when her big sister isn’t around running the show.

“Mama, we’re fancy like Nancy!”

I also got some one on one time with Ava this week – she did all of her chores and turned her tickets in for a Mama/Ava manicure at a fancy salon. I confess, I mainly chose the fancy place because I needed some serious help in the cuticle department. They filed Ava’s nails, gave her a special drink, and gave her a special kid’s magazine while her nails dried. After that we had a snack at Starbucks and then did some shopping for some fall clothes. Good times. Of course, the next day, she was back to her pesky self. Oh well, at least I have the memories, right??

See that scar? I got it while skiing when I was like 15. I hate the snow. And on another note: wow…my hands look OLD.

Luckily, I’m scheduled to drop the kids off at a friend’s house tomorrow morning so I can do some housework (read: craft)…is it Saturday yet?? Oh wait…moms don’t get weekends off.

I’d write more, but I have to go clean up this mess.
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  1. September 26, 2009 12:31 am

    Except of course we've only been together 9 years in November 😉

  2. October 1, 2009 11:36 pm

    Loved the update! Look at Miss Emily what a cutie muffin!! I bet it IS nice to spend time with just her… I feel that way about Ev sometimes… Jake is always running the show!

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