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is it fall yet??

September 3, 2009

Well, I’m pretending that it is!

Our fantasy football draft is Saturday night (here’s hoping that we fight less this year!), the first Ducks game is tomorrow, and we’re meeting some friends to go apple picking next week. I love fall. I love red and orange leaves, pumpkins, Halloween, apples, pies, casseroles, stews, football, baseball, tailgates, hot chocolate, and crisp, sunny days.

Tonight my book club is meeting (we read Julie and Julia. Yes, I saw the movie, and the book is different. But the blog is the best!), so I made Julia Child’s Tarte Tatin to bring with me. YUM. Well, how can it not be yummy with 2 sticks of butter and crisp fall apples? I made a pate brisee and then quartered my apples, let them boil with butter and sugar for about 20 minutes, and then baked the whole thing together. I’m not going to put the recipe here because it’s lengthy, but it’s in The Way to Cook. Do yourself a favor and buy a copy! The best pumpkin pie recipe in the whole world also resides in that book (and bonus: it makes two pies!). Yum. Yum. Butter.

Apples, sugar, and butter all swimming together in perfect harmony:

Holy caramelized goodness…

I think I’ll be going for a nice long jog in the morning…

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