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February 21, 2009

If you’ve met Joel, you know he’s as geeky as they get. Cars, computers, video games, and Star Wars. Funnily enough, he sticks his nose up at D & D. He’s been trying to make Ava into a fellow geek since day one. Well, really day 4.

As she’s gotten older, Ava has been able to help Daddy rotate tires, change out brake pads, play Star Wars Legos on the Wii, and build computers. This afternoon Joel had to do something that he tried to explain to me but of course my eyes glazed over involving a mother board, and Ava got to help him. She already knows how to work a screwdriver and apply thermal glue.

Joel says that he wants to make Ava into a geek to scare the boys off. My guess is that they’ll be knocking down our door once they find out that there is a cute girl out there who knows how to build her own motherboard and change out her own brake pads.

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