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January 21, 2009
* I have a newfound love for my friend Barbara, who brought me a whole box of contraband Sudafed (like the REAL stuff, all the way from TEXAS!) when she heard of my lovely cold.

* I also have a newfound love for this blog. We made some footprint hearts this afternoon (mommy’s energy was thanks in part to aforementioned drugs). She’s got some great ideas for hand/foot/finger print projects to do with the kiddos!

* Emily is currently trying to braid my hair…Since Ava will be bringing in the big bucks as a wedding cake baker to the stars, I suppose it’s OK for Emme to go the beautician route, right? Oh wait, now she’s decided to climb on the table and dance to the music playing…Um, as long as it doesn’t involve a pole, we’re good, right? Right??

* I am somewhat embarassed to admit that I cried during the inaguration ceremony yesterday. Seriously. You know me – I don’t cry. Ever. I’m blaming it on the fact that there will be fewer W impressions by Jon Stewart in the coming days/months/years. How will I survive my day without my daily W? Obama just isn’t that funny.

* And speaking of said inaguration, was it me, or did W look seriously relieved, even giddy during his last 45 minutes as CIC?

* I’m still bitter that Hilary lost in the primaries. I still think she will be our first female CIC. HILLARY 2016!!

* Bad things definitely happen in threes: my glasses are smashed to dust (quite literally) by my second child. Our furnace goes out during one of the coldest, windiest days I can remember. I come down with the head cold from hell.

* Good things happen in threes too: They finally make contacts that fit my wacky eyes. My furnace just needed a new starter. See first randomness about illegal Sudafed.

I promise to post more later…the Sudafed is finally kicking in so I hope to be back to my normal not so cheery self in a few days. Until then, here’s your weekly dose of adorableness:

(yes, Emily decided to put on Ava’s school uniform and backpack and shoes and head to the door to go to school. THIS is why I love my job!!).

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  1. January 22, 2009 3:00 pm

    I cried during the inauguration too, don’t feel bad!The pic of her with the backpack is adorable!

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