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August updates

August 19, 2008

First, I want to issue a big ole’ thank you to everyone for their support. Thank you to my mom for the daily phone calls when she has so much going on in her life (you go, first time homeowner!!), thank you to my girlfriends for bringing us meals, bringing your kids over to play with mine, taking me out for drinks, and letting me cry (a lot) on their shoulders. Thank you to everyone for the flowers, cards, and sweet thoughts. Thank you to my husband for everything. I am so very lucky to have you here, holding my hand, and my heart. A special thank you to the makers of Ambien…I’m finally sleeping again.

We’ve been getting by. Days are definitely easier – with laundry, kids, and MOMS Club to keep me busy, it’s easy to get distracted. Speaking of the kids – they have changed so much in the past month! Emily is now an official walker (she even has the big girl shoes to prove it), Ava starts preschool in two weeks (!!!), and has been enjoying summer camp at Fulton Community Center.

Here are a few pictures of the last two weeks:

Emily fingerpainting for the first time:

Ava painting (all over the table!):

Emily playing with the ball machine at OMSI:

Emily sitting on the Princess throne:

Ava playing with Play-Doh:

Almost everyone has asked if we know the “why” behind the baby’s death. We don’t. And we never will, since we declined to have any testing done on the baby. I will say that we do know that there is nothing wrong with my body, or Joel’s. We don’t know how this happened twice (on the same day!). Less than 2% of miscarriages occur after a healthy heartbeat has been heard by Doppler. Even less than that occur after the twelveth week. Joel, being the poker player that he is, just thinks we got dealt a bad hand. I only know that wherever I end up after my life ends, there will be two little souls for me to get to know, and right now that is all that gives me comfort.

On a much happier note, congratulations to Peter and Tara Barsotti on the birth of Caroline Elizabeth! What a beatiful name, and a beautiful baby!

Life goes on.

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