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Disney, Day 4

June 25, 2008
We decided to pay $30 and get another day added on to our park tickets, because we didn’t get to do everything we wanted to do (naps…but they were SO worth it!). So, we headed to DCA on Friday morning and immediately tried to ride the new Toy Story ride…however, even at 8 am, the line was 2 hours long. In my opinion, no ride is that good! Disney has FastPasses for rides that typically have long waits – you get a pass for a certain timeframe, then you come back and have little to no wait. Unfortunately, this ride didn’t have a FastPass, so we decided to skip it. Oh well…there’s always next time!
Ava and I in front of one of an A at DCA:

Joel took Ava on the Ferris Wheel (those things and I do not agree…), while Emily and I shopped for some souvenirs and tried to stay cool (it got above 100 degrees that day!). After that, we had lunch, and then went back to the Bug’s Land to run around in the water park while Joel rode California Screamin (which he’d wanted to do the day before, but didn’t get a chance to). After that, we were all hot, tired, and cranky…we decided to pack it in. On the way out, we bought a Mickey Ice Cream (yum!) that we all shared. We met Minnie (finally!) as well.
After hitting up the huge Disney store on the way out, we got the girls into the car and drove to Monterey.

Ava and the Mickey ice cream:

Meeting Minnie Mouse:

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