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Disney, day 2

June 24, 2008

We woke up bright and early (again!), and headed over to Disneyland and to Toontown so Ava could do the early enterance for Mickey’s Toontown Morning Maddness. They do a parade, make all of the kids honorary Toontown citizens, and all of the major characters wander around in front of their houses. While Emily and I stood in line to meet the main Mouse, Joel took Ava to meet Donald and then took her on a tour of Minnie’s house. Then we switched and I took her to Goofy’s house, where we met Goofy. This area is totally geared towards the toddler and preschool set – all of the houses and structures are soft and round and perfect for climbing on. After Toontown, we headed to Tomorrowland to ride Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblasters (so fun – it was like being in a vieo game!), and the new Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. Basically, they redid the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride and made it all Nemo-related. I thought it was a cool ride, but since Ava decided as soon as we boarded the sub that she REALLY had to go potty, it wasn’t that enjoyable.

Meeting Goofy:
Meeting Mickey:
Meeting Donald:

Around noon, we went to Disney’s California Adventure, which is a newer park located across from Disneyland. My only problem with DCA is that there is NO shade and it got into the upper nineties that day. We walked around for a bit, and then went to Ariel’s Grotto Restaurant for the main event of the trip – the Princess Lunch. Ava was completely star struck. We met Ariel (in human form) in the lobby for a photo op, then at our table we met the big 4 – Snow White, Cinderella (Ava’s personal favorite), Sleeping Beauty, and Belle. Ava gave every princess a curtsey and asked them to sign her autograph book. Lunch was pretty tasty, and they were very accomodating about Ava’s allergies. I made a reservation a few weeks in advance and let them know about the allergies, and they made sure to specially prepare a dessert just for Ava, which was so nice.

After lunch, we went back to the hotel for a much needed nap, and then we returned for a few more rides at DCA. First we watched the Pixar Character Parade, which was very cool, and then we rode the Monsters Inc. ride. This was so-so in my opinion, but Ava and Emily both really liked it. After that, Joel rode Tower of Terror ( I stayed with the girls), and then we headed over to a little kids area based on A Bug’s Life. This was so fun – preschool rides, a great water feature to run around in, and lots of shade! We left early and went back to the hotel around 7.

Meeting Cinderella:

Meeting Snow White:

Princess Emily:

Emily on one the the preschooler rides:

The girls and Princess Ariel:

Belle adjusting Ava’s crown:

Meeting Sleeping Beauty (who told me that she also goes by Aurora):

Stay tuned for Days 3 and 4…

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